Startup ALIGO’s Book

Every single morning, I wake up with hope and joy to see everyone in our office. I treasure all the time we have spent together. I remember the day of 2 years ago, when we stock lots of people and stuffs in one car for an event, I was focusing on driving (like a cool boss) while the rest of you… sang like crazy, although the car was so tired and you were tired. I choose the picture of the car and us, so that we will never forget that we used to be so poor but we lived and worked together with all our heart. 

Every single moment like that boost my motivation, despite such troubles, I don’t have the feeling of giving up. I hope that with this book, no matter where you go in the future, just remember that we not only colleagues but we are a family.

 CEO & Founder ALIGO


These are the pictures of the first co-founders and employees of the company. Hope that the story will keep being written, year by year...

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